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Throwback Thursday

Random LA Night Continues- 35mm?

I have omitted many shots to these sets because well, I’m a bit embarrassed. I still do make mistakes today but I believe my photos have slowly improved and the quality of the blogs most definitely. 

I posted photos from this set around the beginning of when I created this Tumblr. I believed that I would go back every year and take photos and put them as throwbacks. Unfortunately that did not become consistent so I decided if I’ll do a throwback I’ll just post them all, except well the bad photos.

Another thing that about these throwbacks is that I seriously miss the urban, city, and industrial type of shots. When we did this random venture through LA deciding randomly when to exist the Amtrak it was a crazy do what feels right kind of night. I do sometimes miss the times when we can visit late night to LA without repercussions the next day. 

Especially adventuring with these two, it seems so long ago when we did this, it was just so random and fun. But I do not believe such things should end, its all about not losing hope and grabbing the opportunities. Chris has been another influence in my photos in the beginning. When I first started out he supported my good and bad shots. Because of Chris I started taking extra time on my shots to focus on that focus. I owe a lot to these two with my photo style and my photos will always be evolving and changing.  

This post is posted on Thursday 11 April 2013.
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